ALBERTA BILLIARDS SUPPLY offers a wide range of services for all makes and models of pool tables. We have over 20 years of experience and offer professional service with quality workmanship.

Let ALBERTA BILLIARDS SUPPLY look after your pool table needs.

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  • Dismantle Only – Take apart Pool Table and leave all components onsite
  • Assemble Only – Install all Pool Table components and level
  • Dismantle and Move – Take apart Pool Table and move to new location for storage
  • Move and Assemble – Pick-up all Pool Table components, Deliver to new location and Assemble
  • Dismantle, Move and Install – Take apart Pool Table, Deliver to new location and Assemble
  • Dolly Rental – First Trip – Take accurate measurements of Pool Table location in room, Deliver Dollies to site, jack-up Pool Table and place Dollies under legs Second Trip – Move Pool Table back to origional location using measurements, jack-up Table to remove Dollies from under legs and Level Pool Table
  • Level Only – Relevel Pool Table that is out of balance
  • Cushion Rubber Installation – Replacement of dead Pool or Snooker Rubber. Pool Table rails need to be delivered to ALBERTA BILLIARDS or picked-up
  • Recover Rails – Change cloth on Pool Table rails
  • Recover Bed and Rails – Chanage cloth on both the Pool Table bed and rails
  • Restoration – The replacement of Pool Table parts, often due to floods. Custom stained to match existing color.